Enhancing Intimate Sensations: A Breakthrough in Female Pleasure and Orgasm Enhancement

Understanding the O-shot

The O-shot uses patient-derived platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate intimate areas. Injected near the clitoris and vaginal entrance, PRP stimulates nerve and blood vessel growth, enhancing sensation and orgasmic pleasure. Initial consultations assess suitability based on medical history and current conditions.

Benefits of Treatment

The O-Shot enhances orgasms, boosts sexual desire, arousal, and addresses vaginal dryness. Each patient's results vary. Initial consultations involve reviewing medical history to evaluate if this PRP treatment is suitable.

What to expect during the procedure

The O-shot is a quick, painless, non-surgical procedure. Here’s what to expect:


  1. Hydration check and blood draw.
  2. Numbing cream applied to the genital area.
  3. Local anesthetic injection after numbing.
  4. PRP extraction from blood and injection into clitoris and vagina.


Post-procedure, expect numbing to fade in hours; avoid sexual activity for three days. Minor discomfort may occur but resolves quickly. Questions? Our team is ready to assist in enhancing your sexual experience.

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