Medical Weight Loss

OMGLean, a Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss program, tackles obesity with personalized treatment plans including medication, diet, exercise education, and lifestyle changes, promoting healthy weight and enhancing self-esteem.

Benefits of our non-surgical medical weight loss

Some of the common conditions and diseases caused by an imbalance of hormones include:

Weight-gain causes

People from various ages and backgrounds often struggle with weight gain. Optimal Medical Group encounters many patients facing this challenge. Weight gain is influenced by hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, poor diets rich in calories, fats, and sugars, and lifestyle factors like inadequate sleep and stress. Gaining weight can occur rapidly and effortlessly, but losing it is significantly more challenging.

OMGLean Treatment Plan

During a patient’s initial visit, our Obesity Board Certified practitioners conduct a comprehensive assessment, including a physical exam, DEXA scan, lab review, genetic testing, and a detailed discussion on health history and goals. This evaluation guides the development of an effective treatment plan, tailored with dietary, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations for wellness and sustainable results. Our 12-week program continuously addresses factors contributing to weight gain and personal challenges in weight loss. Patients receive ongoing support, encouragement, and weekly accountability check-ins from our team, ensuring they remain motivated and focused on achieving their weight loss and lifestyle goals.

How Much is it?


There are no hidden fees, and the program is all-inclusive. See below for what to expect in your program but don’t worry, you will be able to discuss this further during your free phone consultation.

  • Genetic testing for weight loss
  • Obesity Board Certified Physician evaluation and treatment management
  • 2 Total Body Composition Scans (DEXA)
  • Physical Exam
  • 90 days of medication
  • Metabolic laboratory panel
  • 12 weeks of lipotropic injections
  • Nutrition and lifestyle education
  • Regular follow-ups with nutritionist/health coach

An even more in depth look at what you are getting

Appetite Control Medication

Appetite suppressants work within the brain’s hypothalamus to reduce hunger signals. This helps patients avoid hunger pains and cravings, making it easier to control food intake. It’s an effective solution for many, especially as it also enhances fat-burning capabilities.

Lipotropic Injection Supplementation

For those where exercise and diet aren’t enough, lipotropic injections offer a combination of amino acids and B Vitamins. These injections aid in fat burning, increase energy levels, and may help with various health issues like depression and insomnia.

Health Coaching

Our personalized nutritional coaching aims to create lasting lifestyle changes, putting an end to temporary diets. Health Coaches offer support and guidance, focusing on a positive mental attitude and sustainable weight loss strategies. Regular meetings are held to assess progress and set new goals.

Body Composition Analysis

Using the iDXA GE Lunar machine, our body scans provide detailed measurements of body composition, crucial for assessing weight loss progress. These scans help distinguish between fat and muscle loss, offering a clear view of your health journey’s success.

An even more in depth look at what you are getting

Personal Fitness Testing & Plans

At Optimal Medical Group, we emphasize the importance of a fitness program as a key part of total health. A combination of a nutritional plan and healthy lifestyle changes leads to complete transformations in physical appearance and overall health.

VO2 Max Fitness Testing

Discover your true exercise capacity with our Parvo Metrics True One VO2 Max Fitness Test! VO2 max measures the maximum oxygen an individual can use during intense exercise and is a crucial indicator of aerobic endurance. Understanding your VO2 max helps in tailoring your workouts for optimal performance.

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