DXA Scan

Enhance Your Health Insight: Exclusive Body Composition Analysis for In-Depth Understanding of Bone, Muscle, and Fat Dynamics

Optimal Medical Group offers Central Valley’s exclusive body composition analysis using GE’s advanced DEXA scanner. This total body scan accurately measures bone density, body composition, including bone content, lean and fat tissue mass, and body fat percentage. Our goal is to enlighten you on how diet, lifestyle, and exercise affect your body, providing a detailed insight into your bone, fat, and muscle composition for improved health understanding.

Why Consider a DXA Body Composition Test?

  • Tests are fast and non-invasive
  • Typical scan time 6-8 mins
  • Very low dose (exposure from one 6-8min scan is less than the equivalent of one day’s natural background radiation)
  • Results automatically processed and available instantly

How Much is the Test

Body Composition Analysis is included in our Comprehensive Age Management Program and BHRT Membership Program but sometimes, our patients just want the individual tests.



  • Total Body Comp for $250
  • Total Body Comp with DEXA/Bone Mineral Density $350


If you aren’t measuring your progress, you don’t know the progress you’re making!



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